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Your lover whom is with the Compliance Kit  can  learn  the meaning of submission in no time ! This kit is the perfect tool to teach your lover how to please and serve you,allowing you to customize your role-playing for a variety of scenarios.
For example, snap the muzzle onto your partner and make sure that they can't do much with their mouth.
The muzzle is designed with a perforated front (to allow for breathing) and covers the entire mouth and jaw。There are snaps on the back so you can easily adjust the size for a secure fit.
With the above features,you can control when and how often your lover speaks, giving you total authority to ask her or him do as your request to please  you and explore your deepest Fetish Fantasies!

This fashionable and comfortable gag is designed to be worn for prolonged period of time . The structure of half moon shaped mouth bit provides a firm and bitable surface. The inside of the face gag is lined with wet suit grade neoprene which is soft and convenient for cleaning. A strong leather neck strap features a felt-lined pad which protects the skin from the hard buckle for more comfort in the process of long-term wear.A front door can be used to set of traction rope ,pull the rope, even if it is full of wild brown bear, Also becomes docile in your mercy

  Sexy bundled booster, whatever the material or the size of the design is the best tool for beginners, using a soft and elastic chloroprene rubber composite, adding 4 adjustable nylon straps, allowing  the user to enjoy the experience without fear of scratching the skin. With two  different sizes O-rings, which can adapt to most of the sucker dildo so that  you have more choices and enjoyment.

We will imagine the classic style which allows a woman to strap a dildo in front of her pubic region, where the penis would be on a man. But there are other fantastic ideas instead,and many people are discovering the joys of strapping one on to their thigh instead, giving their lover a different experience of ridding.
Although this harness is designed for using on the thigh, it can also easily be used in a number of other methods, such as around the head of a person, or on a pillow or the arm of a chair, as long as you tie to within 21 inches.
Another great feature is the quick-release clasp which  provide a convenient method to put on and take off. It is made from black nylon and other durable, machine-washable materials.
It's very perfect for experience while sitting
down and enhances the sensuality of lap stimulation. Of course, make full use of your imagination ,thus many other creative
positions are possible!
The sucker dildo can be used and adsorbed on a smooth plane, like the toilet tiles, living room, glass tables or glass window and so on.

Explore your dominant or submissive side's one crack with electric shock of the flapper and you will know who's in charge.

If you are searching for a simple yet stunning flogger with flair, this soft black suede version of 24" vibrating Flogger is exactly what you desire.

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