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Sexy soft booster belt is a simple and extremely effective tool for helping people who enjoy doggie position。Incredibly easy to use,place the strap a few inches below the belly button. Each time he pushs and pulls on the strap, the vagina will be compressed, which bring her G-spot  closer to his penis. This compression also makes him feel larger to her and she'll feel tighter to him.
This belt also helps to ease the pressure on her knees, leaving her with a much more pleasant and intense experience back-end high in the the air.

A doggie style strap helps woman who has the full curved reach her highest climax with the Sexy soft booster belt!
It is excellent for sexual positioning and fantasy play with this satin and fur strap.
Just try this strap for other sexual intercourse posture!
without compromises, wihout weak points, a comfortable solid strap makes the missionary position more intense.
The most gentle and luxurious sex strap on the market is most suitable in your bedroom.

As simple as vest dress, then fasten the belt can be adjusted to a comfortable position.
Crafted from durable nylon straps and synthetic plush, this harness and cuff set is designed to keep your partner's thighs spread, let you easy access to her private parts. With the included wrist cuffs, you can keep their hands behind their back so they can't affect whatever plans you might have done for them. Sturdy shoulder strap across the chest,get together in the back of the X-shaped together. The front strap through chest and belts get together, Each end has a solid metal D ring, which the thigh cuffs attach to. Each strap is adjustable for the perfect fit. The artificial fur lining can adjust the belt to make the wearer more comfortable.

 Remote control vibrating panty Is a great massage props .
Usability of this type of sexy panty, with remote controlled vibrator, 
is beyond your imagination.Many couples are very fond of it, 
because you can use the easiest way to have fun and enjoy it anyhow.
Bullet vibrator hides in a special place, a perfect place option, 
would strongly excite the highly sensitive area.

 Vibration makes your partner feel orgasm, and you use endoscope fuction to observe all the process inside her body.

Vibration makes your partner feel orgasm, and you use endoscope fuction to observe all the process inside her body.

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